Book Tag: Harry Potter Q&A

Harry Potter 1

Date Started: 22nd January 2019
Date Finished: 2nd February 2019
Time taken to read: 12 days
Rating: 5 stars

I am currently doing a reread of the Harry Potter series, (especially so I can read the first 3 books in the beautiful illustrated editions). I have made the decision not to write thorough reviews for the series as I am well aware that this series holds a lot of nostalgia for me, so I will struggle to write an objective review of the series where I point out the flaws that I would have likely been aware of had I read this series later in life or as an adult.

I have therefore decided that I will take the opportunity whenever I finish a Harry Potter book to either do a tag or a getting to know you style post. As this is the first book in the series, I thought I would answer some general questions in relation to Harry Potter (so I haven’t used an actual tag).

1. When did you first read Harry Potter?
My Mum first read Harry Potter to me as a bedtime story when I was 6 years old (approx circa 1999), so I think the first 3 books were already out. I know that from book 5 onward I read them myself, but the early ones my Mum read to me and apparently I introduced a number of friends to them at Primary School. But I honestly had no memory that that was the case.

2. Which is your favourite book?
When I was young it was definitely Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Purely because I loved the Triwizard Tournament and meeting the two new wizarding schools. I think it expanded the wizarding world in a way that I wanted. Now days I have become a little more cliched, so I would probably say Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, because of the Marauder information we get. It has been a couple of years since my last re-read though so maybe I will change my mind again.

3. Which is your favourite character?
Remus Lupin. I can’t articulate it enough, but there is something about a tragic nerd that I can’t help but love. I do also love Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. But Remus is and has been my #1 for years.

4. Which is your favourite film?
This changes a lot because I have seen them all so many times, and sometimes I am in the mood for one more than another. I do always seem to really enjoy Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince though. I think they added more comedy than I expected in that film.

5. Which Hogwarts House do you belong to?
Hufflepuff, when I was younger I lent more toward Ravenclaw, because Hufflepuff seemed less cool when you were 7/8 years old. But I have accepted I am definitely a Hufflepuff, and the 2 times I ever used Pottermore, that is where I was sorted.

6. What would you change about Harry Potter?
I would say I would have liked more, but I think the extended universe has not really worked in my favour (Cursed Child was an amazing visual experience, but those plot changes… oh dear). I would probably have liked to have had more depth for the background characters perhaps, that may have added more diversity to the world. I am not completely sure.

7. Name an interesting Harry Potter coincidence
My Grandad could nearly have been a Weasley! I only though about it a few years ago, but my Grandad was called Ronald, he was the second youngest and had 7 or 8 siblings (of which there was a Fred, George and Arthur). He did however have two sisters (both older), there were no twins and sadly the other siblings did not share Weasley names.

8. Name your biggest Harry Potter secret
I only read the fifth book in full once in 2015. The book came out originally during a time when I was reading less, and I made the mistake about 2/3rds of the way though of skipping to the end (it was a big book). Basically once I read the big event near the end of that book I lost the motivation for the middle section. Then I saw the film so I forgot that I hadn’t read it until I finally was reading it in 2015 and was confused why I had ‘forgotten’ so much.

Feel free to tell me a little more about your Harry Potter reading habits, or generally talk about the series with me below.

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