About Me

Thank you for visiting Bookstore Binge – my blog to review books and bookish items, including subscription book boxes. All reviews are my own honest and unbiased opinions, this includes any books reviewed for a publisher or won in a giveaway which I will clearly mark on a review.

This is the place that you can find a little more about me, if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, then please click the contact me button above.

So who are you?

My name is Megan, I am a 27 year old British Bookworm, living in England. I have a degree in Forensic Science but currently work in Student Support Services. I have always loved books and reading, but I am slowly increasing my reading having recovered from a University length reading slump.

What do you read?

I read a lot of Young Adult at the moment, with a preference for Dystopian, Supernatural/Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres. Although I have also been developing more of a taste for contemporary too. Within Adult fiction, I tend to read Mystery/Thriller and Horror novels, but I am trying to branch out into new genres. I also enjoy audiobooks and graphic novels.

I also love books that have LGBTQIA+ rep or mental health rep, as someone who has experience with both of these areas,

How much do you read?

More than I used to and slowly improving:
2015 – 17 books
2016 – 31 books
2017 – 50 books
2018 – 62 books
2019 – 75 books
2020 – Goal of 100 books

Which subscription boxes do you get?

Currently I am a subscriber to Illumicrate, Fairyloot and Owlcrate. I have also previously received and tried boxes from Book Box Club.

Do you accept ARCs?

Yes, please contact me if you want me to review an Advanced Reader Copy. I will only accept ARCs, eARCs or finished copied for which I am able to write an unedited review of my honest opinions. I also reserve the right to refuse a request if I am concerned about potential triggers, or if it doesn’t seem like a story I would be interested in.

Where else can you be found?

I am also on Goodreads, Instagram and Twitter, under the name ‘bookstorebinge’.

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them. — Lemony Snicket”

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